Freelance: Conference Administration Website (The University of Manchester)

2001 - 2003


This project involved developing a website capable of accepting submissions and providing reviewing capability for the British Machine Vision Conference. The site was flexible enough to be reconfigured for use with many other of conferences with different submission and reviewing criteria and so was taken on by VAL, a University of Manchester technology transfer company as a commerical product called CAWS.

CAWS is sophisticated and flexible web-based conference administration system. Utilizing powerful industry standard tools such as MySQL, Perl, and Java, CAWS enables efficient and user-friendly submission, referee and delegate management within a multi-track environment. Online refereeing is supported with keyword based automatic allocation, as well as optional Area Chair functionality, which allows conference organisers to introduce a second tier to the paper review process. The CAWS system may also be used to compile accepted submissions into a conference programme.

Key SKills

  • Cross-platform, cross-browser website design
  • Database design and integration