Welcome to Mike-Rogers.org

Welcome to the personal site of Dr Mike Rogers.

This site contains information about my work history, publications and experience in applying state-of-the-art image analysis techniques to real-world applications. I am currently employed as Director of Research at Image Metrics Inc in Manchester, UK.

Whilst working at a major UK university, I applied computer vision techniques in the biotechnology/medical research field in tandem with a multi-national pharmaceuticals company. This work also resulted in a period of consultancy for a major US research centre.

I have applied the same set of fundamental vision techniques to help develop a system of 3-D facial animation driven from standard video and have authored several patents in the field. I am now the Director of Research at Image Metrics Inc where I manage the company's research team and lead the companies future technology development.

I am interested in developing practical solutions to vision problems in a wide range of application areas.


Computer vision, animation, facial analysis, tracking, image registration.